Nov 272007
Authors: Jessi Stafford

Students can now dust off those ancient condoms still stuffed away in wallets and random dorm room drawers and hunt down those bright-colored, fruit-flavored gag gifts for something other than anticipated bedroom bliss.

The CSU Wellness Zone is taking a new spin on STD awareness with the first Condom Construction Competition. The competition, to promote World AIDS Day on Saturday, is a friendly contest between student teams. Each team will build its own structure out of condoms and other safer sex items.

“There really is no magic on how this came about . we wanted an awareness event,” said World AIDS Day committee member Shauna Deluca.

There are four categories students can enter their piece into: clothing/outerwear, accessories, visual art and miscellaneous. The creators of the event encourage creativity in each category and they won’t reveal the entries until the day of the event.

“I can’t share the secret yet, but most of them are quite good,” Deluca said.

So far, there are nearly 15 entries fairly evenly spread throughout each category.

The competition doesn’t have many restrictions for entries, Deluca said, only that the pieces stay “in good taste.”

“We would also prefer that the majority is made out of condoms,” she said.

Students can also use other forms of safe sex items, such as female condoms and dental dams, alongside any other materials necessary. Some students have used cardboard, wire and pins.

“We will also have a question and answer session about healthy relationship issues . because we want an education piece, too,” said World Aids Day committee member Lynn Kalert.

The student organization, Creating Respect Educating Wellness (CREWS), will also be present as they demonstrate how to properly use a condom for their “There’s a Banana in My Pocket” campaign.

Also, as part of World Awareness Day, there will be a free anonymous HIV testing in the Wellness Zone from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and a vigil in the Sunken Lounge for people who have passed away due to AIDS in Colorado at 6 p.m. Friday.

Entries for the competition will be accepted in the Wellness Zone until 2 p.m. today. Three judges, including ASCSU President Katie Gleeson, will evaluate the entries and the results will be read during the Condom Construction Competition event Thursday at 6 p.m. in the Cherokee Park Ballroom. Anyone is welcome to attend the free event.

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