Nov 252007

A solid decade of conference titles and bowl wins almost always signify a glorious career for a coach. But Sonny Lubick is a different story; rare is the coach who oversaw ten consecutive winning seasons from a team with a long history of mediocrity.

While we’re thankful for all that he has done for us, it pretty much goes without saying that Sonny’s time has come.

Its not easy for anyone to admit, us included. But the past few seasons have shown a return to that long-forgotten mediocrity, and the past few months have pretty much confirmed that the coaching staff needs a vigorous shake up. Its likely Sonny realizes that. If his vague comments regarding retirement earlier this season are any indication, he’s been mulling over this decision for most of this disastrous season.

Come next season, who knows what new coaching could do with a set of quality players; a healthy offense empowered by the likes of Gartrell Johnson and Kory Sperry could produce some of that post-season magic we haven’t seen in years.

Such hopes might be overly optimistic though, and even if the Rams return to Mountain West contention, the season won’t be the same without Fort Collins’ most recognizable face.

Sonny has done what he promised to do- bring quality football to CSU- and that should be enough.

He’s made his mark on the university and the city and finally brought a sense of legacy to the football team. He might be leaving after his worst season with the school, but at least he’s leaving with a win– two in a row in fact.

Thanks, coach Lubick. You’ve brought far more to this university than ever expected. You’re a great coach and an even greater person.

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