Nov 152007
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

In honor of Thanksgiving, the members of the editorial staff would like to share what we are most thankful for.

Editorials Editor Sean Reed: I’m thankful for the Collegian team — the greatest coworkers a guy could ask for — my family, my kids in the Key Service Sociology Cluster, the CSU College Republicans for their wonderful paper and for Visual Editor Aaron Montoya’s beard and the endless comedy it creates. Oh, and also for Pam Jackson; she’s a rock star.

Editor in Chief J. David McSwane: My large and whacky family, the First Amendment, my college education, CASA, my Key students, Rock n’ Roll and all those at CSU who have supported me through the best and worst of times. And, of course, my fantastic staff at the Collegian; I love all of you (even Aaron Montoya).

Sports Editor Sean Star: I’m thankful for my family, God, friends, roommates, coworkers, education, food, sports, widgets, weekends, weekdays, a week off, press passes, the spread at home football games, Aaron Montoya’s staff and Al Gore inventing the Internet.

Assistant News Editor Erik Myers: I’m thankful for Red Bull, cell phones, prescription pills (here’s looking at you Adderall), everyone at KCSU and the Collegian, family and friends, the end of Barry Bonds, and all the haters because it feels so good putting them in their place.

Assitant News Editor Nikki Cristello: I’m thankful for the friends and family who’ve supported me through the thick and thin. Without them, this semester would’ve been much longer and a lot less fun.

Assistant News Editor Aaron Hedge: I’m thankful for my rollerblades; the lovely Collegian staff; my family, especially my sister who fights in UFC; my journalistic Robin Hood complex; turkey; God and Danielle.

Associate News Managing Editor Jessi Stafford: I am thankful for this one life I have been given. I am thankful for my quirky coworkers, my supportive family, my friends, this newspaper that drives me crazy sometimes, traveling, feminism, the civil rights movement, ChickSpeak and the First Amendment.

Design Chief Luke Ulmer: I’m thankful for my crazy family, the Speech Communication Department, The Collegian design and editorial staff, my assistant Nina B., my roommates, the late Justin Steffen, Nintendo Wii, beards, New Belgium brewery, my Capstone group, my health, the RamSkellar, The Denver Broncos, coffee, music, Colorado, girls with moustaches and all my friends both new and old.

Visual Managing Editor Aaron Montoya: I am thankful for the Lord and all His blessings of family, friends and coworkers. That’s all.

Managing Editor Hailey McDonald: I am thankful for the people that give me inspiration to wake up everyday- it’s nice to have a reason to live. Even though you probably wouldn’t guess, I am truly greatful to be an American. Also – Stoli, crying, the people that still read the Collegian, high heels and stretchy pants, Key people, travelling, my academic advisor Professor Shulman, doner kebaps and priyaniki… and love. All you need is love. ;(

Entertainment and Verve Editor Liz Sunshine: I am thankful for good family, loyal friends and an early graduation date.

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