Nov 152007
Authors: Adam Bohlmeyer

After 108 wins in 15 seasons, it appears that CSU football coaching legend Sonny Lubick has coached his final game for the Rams.

CSU spokesperson Gary Ozzello confirmed Sunday night that Kowalczyk and coach Lubick had talked over the weekend to discuss Lubick’s future and are planning to talk more today.

Rumors are swirling and several published reports state that Kowalczyk and Lubick were discussing a buyout of Lubick’s contract, which has two years remaining for more than $500,000 each year.

Lubick wouldn’t confirm that he is retiring after the Rams defeated the University of Wyoming 36-20 on Friday afternoon, but he did hint at it.

“It will probably be talked about and I would like to get some time,” Lubick said in an emotional post-game press conference. “It will be decided pretty quickly. For now I am sticking to my story but we will see what transpierces in the next day or so.”

During his time at CSU, Lubick has led the Rams to six conference titles, winning nearly 60 percent of his games. Lubick’s success has brought an unprecedented amount of money and attention to the football program, including millions of dollars in stadium renovations bearing a field in Lubick’s honor.

The one-time Sports Illustrated coach of the year explained that he still has a love for the game, but he admitted it is a lot easier when your team is winning.

“Right now I feel like I want to go coach the Packers, but when you lose a game you ask yourself why am I still doing this,” he said.

With Lubick likely on his way out, the future of his assistants remains doubtful also. Lubick has historically been

Rams quarterback Caleb Hanie predicted after the win over Wyoming that Lubick will retire.

“If I had to guess, just by what he said today, I don’t think he is coming back next year,” the senior said. “He announced that he may not be back and got emotional when he was handing out the game ball.”

Hanie said that the possibility of Lubick’s retirement made the win over the Cowboys all the more emotional, specifically for those players returning next season.

“I am sure every guy coming back into the locker room is going to miss him being the kind of guy and great players coach that he was,” Hanie said. “It is a little bittersweet for those guys, but I am just glad I got to be a part of it.”

For the time being, Lubick just wants to enjoy brining the Bronze Boot back to CSU.

“It is a good day with a victory, and it wouldn’t be as nice with a defeat,” he said. “Plus, we don’t have to get ready for someone else next week so we can savor it longer.”

Senior wide receiver Johnny Walker reflected on what Lubick has meant not only to the program, but to him as an individual. The senior said that he enjoyed his time with the coach on and off the field.

“He has definitely meant a lot to me,” Walker said. “He is a terrific guy and a players coach. If you don’t like being coached by Sunny Lubick, then maybe you just don’t like being coached at all.”

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