Nov 142007

Nick Hemenway doesn’t like that Obama wants to increase taxes. He doesn’t like it when anybody wants to increase taxes.

“It’s your money,” he says, and you know what? He’s right. I would prefer if I never had to pay taxes.

Here’s the problem, the government is in a whole lot of debt. To China. To a myriad other foreign interests.

Unfortunately, the government also has to spend trillions of dollars on things like Iraq, Afghanistan, the War on Terror, Medicaid, Medicare and federal disaster assistance (Katrina, CA wildfires).

If the money that the federal government spends doesn’t come from taxes, it has to be borrowed.

How are we going to pay back borrowed money? I don’t think we can pay back the borrowed money without increased taxes.

What happens if we don’t pay back the borrowed money? It means the American dollar is worth less.

Currently the American dollar is worth less than a Canadian dollar-the first time this has happened in my lifetime.

So what does Mr. Hemenway propose to keep tax cuts and rescue the federal government from bankruptcy? He makes a sophomoric joke about me mailing him five dollars.

I can just see Nick twittering in delight at the comedic genius of that joke, while the government mortgages our future to China, because they have only our best interests in heart.

Keir Fogarty

Chemistry, Ph.D student

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