Nov 122007

The Center for Public Deliberation held it’s first Community Issues Forum in the LSC Monday night.

One of the topics discussed was what students is the role of a campus newspaper. Before attending the event, the Editorial Board sat down and discussed what we believe is the Collegian’s role on our campus.

First and foremost, we believe our purpose as a college paper is to report news that matters to students while providing a valuable learning resource for prospective journalists.

We are a platform for students to share diverse ideas that encourage thoughtful debate and, sometimes, a desire to question authority and act.

In fact, this is what journalism is all about, holding the powers that be accountable. Forcing authority figures to answer to their public is the main end that good professional journalism achieves. A campus paper should be no different.

The Collegian has a rich history of advocating for students, the First Amendment and, occasionally, challenging students to think in different ways.

And with this, we don’t tread lightly.

A quality campus publication should also entertain its readers. Yes, Sudoku, RamTalk and comics are important, too.

Advocating for diversity, promoting social change and providing a voice for those who don’t always have one are also important roles of a university newspaper.

As student journalists, we have the luxury of pushing boundaries where many traditional media can’t. With this, too, we don’t screw around.

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