Nov 122007
Authors: Caleb Thornton

Something surprising has happened since the infamous F-Bush editorial of several weeks ago. The Editorial Board of this paper has still not learned its lesson.

This seems very strange to me, because I was under the impression that the editors of this paper had made some very big mistakes.

I can say this because the action that those individuals decided to take not only gave the Collegian and its staffers a black eye, but because it became national news, it also damaged the image of this university across the nation.

While McSwane was not fired or suspended by the Board of Student Communications, the paper’s publisher, he was admonished for his role in the entire debacle. This action, at the very least, was an acknowledgment by the BSC that running the editorial was a mistake.

The problem is the mistakes did not end there.

Only weeks later, the editorial section of the paper came under fire again, this time for running a cartoon depiction of Gartrell Johnson III that was racially offensive and out of line.

McSwane and the Editorial Board both followed by writing pieces in the paper that following week apologizing for what they had done and acknowledging they had made a mistake.

You would think following all of this that the editors of this paper would perhaps try to learn from these mistakes and move on toward rebuilding the credibility of this paper and its editors.

For a while there I thought they had learned their lesson — that is, until last week.

Last Monday the “Our View” section of the opinion page blasted the Denver Post for a front-page staff editorial regarding the recent unionization of state employees.

Now, I have no problem with the editors of this paper disagreeing with an editorial written in the Denver Post.

What I do have a problem with is this editorial board lecturing the Denver Post about credibility.

In the piece last Monday, the editors of this paper stated, “Rather than condemn them [the Denver Post Editorial Staff] for their poor taste in placement, which calls into question the credibility of the news piece on the issue, or the excessive use of ad hominem attacks, which affect the credibility of the editorial, we would like to take on a couple key claims of the Post’s editorial.”

I have to be honest, I could not help but laugh reading that statement.

To think that the editors of this paper actually had the audacity to question the credibility of the Denver Post, a paper that is nationally respected, is nothing short of ridiculous.

After this came Tuesday’s “Our View” in which the editorial board blasted a move by the BSC to allow punishment for breaking the bylaws regarding profane and vulgar language.

Let’s be honest about what this piece was all about.

The editors of this paper have screwed up on multiple occasions, which have been clearly documented.

McSwane was lucky to get out of the F-Bush debacle with a slap on the wrist, instead of being suspended or fired.

Now, the BSC is looking to take a little more control of the situation by giving itself the authority to actually do something if the leaders of this paper make another big mistake.

And so the response by the editors to this action was all too predictable. They screamed and wailed about a violation of free speech when the reality is that they are scared that someday, if and when they screw up again, there could actually be some real punishment.

Welcome to the real world.

Caleb Thornton is a junior political science major. His column appears occasionally in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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