Nov 062007

Is there anything we can do about the annoying high school students in the library and E-Cave who enjoy cussing and dancing to their blasting music while we are trying to write papers? They are so obnoxious.

I am about to graduate as an engineer and I still have no idea how the hell to drive a train. What a waste.

To the people who pee in our residence hall: soak a tree not the carpet. Thanks.

Dear Girls: No Shave November is an honorable cause celebrated by both sexes… Let it be known, however, that if you declare No Kiss November we will employ the same strategies, so keep it close. See you in Mustache March. Love,

The Guys.

On Monday, did the Collegian actually take a stab at the professionalism of some other newspaper’s editorial? I smell hypocrisy…

To the audience at the Trail of Dead/Dethklok show: I’m appalled. Whether or

not you enjoy a band’s music, the mature thing to do is to be respectful. And

since it was a FREE show, those who didn’t like it could have just left.

You’re adults now. Please treat others with respect.

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