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Nov 062007

As many students lined up to see Tom Morello, or The Nightwatchman, play last night, we could not help but think back to last semester and the infamous Common concert.

While last semester’s outdoor live entertainment event featuring hip-hop artist, Common, was completely paid for by student fees and allowed students to attend without a purchased ticket, last night’s audience members did have to purchase one.

So, why does this matter?

Well, Common received $90,000 in student fees to come to CSU, while former Rage Against the Machine member, Morello, was paid $12,500 in student fees.

While we don’t want to argue about which artist should be paid more or less than the other, we would just like to point out the fact that $12,500 is a more reasonable sum of money to take out of students’ pockets and hand over to one musician or artist.

And, unlike the Common show, students paid for their own tickets to see Morello at the Lory Student Center box office for $6 each. Not a bad deal, really, for a fairly intimate venue in Fort Collins.

And this way, the students who are interested in seeing said musician can spend the meager $6 on a ticket for the show. While the rest of us can feel like our dollars are being spent more reasonably and are more likely to be stretched out to accommodate a wider variety of entertainment opportunities for this semester and next.

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