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Authors: Edie Adams

Students looking to show off their trivia skills will come together Wednesday to compete for the chance to represent CSU in the 2008 College Bowl championship.

This exciting, quick-thinking competition takes place at 5 p.m. in Room 208 of the Lory Student Center.

The College Bowl is not a group or organization on campus. Rather, it is an event organized by the College Bowl Company, which has been bringing teams of students together to quiz them on a myriad of topics for more than 50 years.

“It is a question and answer game of quick recall and general knowledge,” said Ashley Blocton, the student coordinator for this year’s event.

Only one team can represent CSU in the regional and national championships, a spot that two teams have signed up for thus far.

Students may still sign up in front of the Associate for Student Activities and Programming (ASAP) office through 5 p.m. today.

Teams can expect questions about anything and everything, including sports, the arts, science, mathematics and Colorado history.

“It’s crazy how much people know about stuff,” Blocton said.

Questions range from general trivia, such as “What is the largest river in North America?” to those requiring in-depth knowledge of subject matter.

The College Bowl has been around for half a century, starting with a radio broadcast on NBC, which aired from 1953-1955, when students competed on their respective campuses using three-way telephones and radio hookups.

It moved to television from 1958-1970 and has since continued to be an annual event that brings colleges together from all over the country.

Wednesday is the first stage of the competition, when teams from the CSU campus will play against each other to advance to the next level. Participants will be eligible to win prizes like t-shirts and mugs with the College Bowl logo on them.

After CSU’s competition, the winning team will advance to the regional level, which will be held Feb. 22-24 next year.

There, the team will compete with 14 other regions, five of which include Canadian provinces. After that, one team from each region will advance to the national championship to take place the last weekend in April. Because each event is several days long, the teams will be staying in nearby hotels at night. The locations for each of these events have yet to be announced.

When the national championship is finished, an “awards brunch” will take place, during which the winning team will be presented with a trophy, and individuals who scored the highest number of points will receive “All-Star” awards.

Blocton will receive questions from the College Bowl Web site, to be read to competitors Wednesday starting at 5 p.m. Competition will be set up in a round-robin form, playing each other until one emerges as the winner. CSU’s competition last year saw five teams competing, with the winning team placing third in the regional competition.

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