Oct 292007
Authors: Valerie Hisam

Numerous zombies and students sporting white gloves came out for the annual Thriller Dance event at the Recreation Center last night.

Over 200 students came ready to learn and perform the infamous Michael Jackson Thriller dance made popular in the song’s 1982 music video.

“Everybody knows it and it’s perfect for the season,” said Nicole LaRocque, strength and fitness coordinator for the Recreation Center. “It’s such a great dance because anybody can do it. It attracts such a diverse group from males to females, dancers and non-dancers. Everybody loves it.”

For over an hour students learned each unique step from group fitness instructors Mel Smith and Mandy McLeland.

“Teaching such a big group is so much fun,” said Smith, a junior accounting major. “We feed off their energy and that’s what makes it so much fun.”

Instead of partying and trying to pass as younger to go trick-or-treating, the Thriller Dance offered students something different to do to celebrate Halloween, or something different to do with friends.

“Dancing is a love of both of us, so this was an awesome opportunity to spend time with my roommate,” said Mason Schrack, senior marketing major. “It’s mainly because we are very big dance and Michael Jackson enthusiasts.”

Although in years past there have been hordes of students dressed as zombies, this year the costume of choice was the poor college student. But that didn’t stop some students from going all out.

“I came last year and didn’t dress up, and so this year I decided that I really wanted to be a zombie,” said Larissa Gaul, sophomore biomedical science major. “I wanted to see more people dressed up, but it’s really about learning the dance and being able to whip out anytime.”

With or without the zombies, the Thriller Dance attracted students of all ages and majors, leading to another successful year.

“It’s a classic cult dance,” said sophomore Makenna Nielsen, chemical engineering major. “Everyone likes it and wants to learn it.”

Verve reporter Valerie Hisam can be reached at verve@collegian.com.

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