Oct 282007

How ’bout those Avalanche?

The Colorado Rockies, formally the state’s least recognized professional sports team, made it all the way to the World Series only to be swept by the Boston Red Sox.

The Rox showed up to the final game, but it was too little too late for those fans gripping game 5 tickets – a painful and timeless reminder of what electronic ticket sales were like in 2007.

All the emotional ups and downs that brought the series to Denver came together as Jamey Carroll smacked one all the way to the wall (a homerun at any other field) only to become out 2 in the final inning. The final score: 4-3.

Much to the disappointment of long-time fans and “bandwagoners” alike, there was no miracle to be seen on Blake Street. But despite the two blowouts and two one-run blunders, there’s something to be said about our baseball team.

At least they’re not the Rams.

But as hope is seemingly fleeting for Colorado sports fans, there exists another team with promise: The Colorado Avalanche.

As Rockies fans move to pack their fan gear in boxes labeled “maybe next time,” perhaps its time to dust off the Avs jersey. You know, the one that reads Roy or Forsberg.

While the Rockies were undoubtedly the unexpected underdog in the Series, the Avalanche have always been a force to be reckoned with.

If all the fair-weathered Rockies fans seen on national television could brave the October freeze, a little chill in the Pepsi should come easy.

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