Oct 232007

To the girl who likes the guy in the Lexus: Sure you like his shades and his “act of kindness”… but are you sure it’s not the $40,000 car he drives?

If the football team can win, anything can happen! Maybe the religious guy on the plaza will take me to the World Series, bring me beer and yell obscenities at the Red Sox .

To the girl who I walked home with because she wanted someone to walk with to feel safe: I wouldn’t mind studying with you if you need help for the next exam. Just find me in class sometime.

To the girl in my ST307 class who always does the crossword puzzle: I’m madly in like with you . and your amazing crossword-solving skills.

To the guy in the library who actually got Rockies tickets: let’s make a deal. We’ll have a trivia-thon until one of us loses. The winner will get the tickets. If you don’t want to do that, I have a sister.

Forget about childhood obesity. Have you seen the squirrels around here lately? Someone please call Richard Simmons.

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