Oct 232007
Authors: Kyla Hunt

The CSU Bookstore looks more like a trendy thrift store nowadays.

Bringing a variety of novelty colors in the form of close-fitting shirts, drawstring sweat pants, light-weight zip-up hoodies and an assortment of accessories, the store collaborated with the Fashion Group International CSU Student Chapter, supporting an exclusive clothing line designed by students for students.

Macaley Edwards, Amanda Martinez, Patricia Szafranski and Lauren Yoder are the four junior and senior students who are currently working on the project.

“I was trying to think of a way that students could apply what we have been learning about in our design and merchandising classes,” said Szafranski, a senior design and merchandising major and president of Fashion Group. “I realized that instead of trying to find an outside company to help, why not utilize the resources on campus?”

In addition to developing the line, the students will work with the bookstore on visual merchandising and window displays featuring the new line. They will also help with pricing.

The graphics chosen were inspired by current market trends and were altered to showcase CSU pride.

Kyle Schmidt, a senior in the college of business with a concentration in marketing, took the ideas for the graphics and made them unique by using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

The students chose American Apparel, on which the graphics are printed.

“We did not want to compete with anything that the bookstore is already selling, but we did use graphics that students could identify with,” Szafranski said.

American Apparel, most popular in Los Angeles and New York, is made in the United States and is involved with social responsibility.

“I think it’s great that the graphics are designed by students, and it’s even better that it is on American Apparel,” said Mickey Brooks, a freshman performing theatre arts major.

The apparel will be shipped from American Apparel in California to Burt’s Shirts, a local printer in Old Town.

“I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for us as students to be able to get real-life experience using all of the skills we’ve learned in classes while still having the professors there for guidance,” said freshmen design and merchandising major Jaclyn Dearien.

The clothing line launched Monday, October 8, at the CSU Bookstore and, as of now, this collaboration is only a fall/winter line.

The CSU bookstore has offered a portion of the profits to be used as a scholarship for students within the department of design and merchandising.

“I think the new designs by the graphic students are rather interesting, and it’s admirable that a percentage of the profits are going toward scholarships for design and merchandising students,” said Jeff Thomas, a freshman landscape architecture major.

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