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Oct 222007
Authors: Aaron Hedge

“We will be extinct this century if we don’t start caring for each other and loving each other,” said Hunter “Patch” Adams in front of 1,100 students, faculty and Fort Collins residents at CSU Monday night.

The country’s most famous clown, who also happens to be a doctor, travels the world promoting a better human condition through love, compassion and joy on two to five hours of sleep a night.

The first thing Patch told CSU is that the act of loving is the most important thing in life. Then he proved it by making everyone the LSC Main Ballroom introduce themselves to a stranger, hold them and say, “I love you” repeatedly until he said stop.

Adams campaigns under the umbrella of his Gesundheit Institute that he started in the 1960s while he was going to medical school in Virginia to fix the U.S. healthcare system and the general condition of humanity, which he calls sick.

He cited the need for a better political system, saying that the Bush Administration has forsaken the well being of the nation’s children in favor of a war justified by the claim of Christianity.

He said it is atrocious to claim religious beliefs as a justification for violence.

“Even though Christ would never drop bombs, everyone was all about the bombs,” he said of the Bush Administration’s actions after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

He said women are objectified daily in the media and it causes an unsafe environment for them.

“You can’t sit there and watch TV because the TV says sex object, sex object, sex object,” Adams said. “No country has ever been safe to women, so there has never been peace time.”

He cited shocking statistics about the child sex slave industry, saying that tens of thousands of child sex slaves are brought into the U.S. every year. He has treated five-year-old children with gonorrhea.

“You don’t get that from a toilet seat people,” he said.

He said that people know love is the most important thing and ignore it.

“No school teaches one hour in 13 years of the most important thing in life .

We don’t think it, we don’t talk about it, we don’t teach it, yet we all agree that it is the most important thing.”

Adams said he has asked every crowd he has talked to in 40 years if there is anything more important in the world than loving and no person has ever had an answer.

He said that society must acknowledge the bad things in life and treat them with humanity.

“One thing we never ask is what is it like to be ridiculously ugly,” he said. He said people who are disfigured need our attention, not our ignorance and if we ask them questions like that, it relieves them.

Patch imagines another planet with intelligent life that has educational institutes that send students to Earth to study humans. He said they would conclude that humans love money and power.

When they returned to their home planet they would fail the assignment because the inhabitants of the planet can’t imagine a society that doesn’t place love highest on its priority list.

Adams said the pervasive problems in society will keep the human species from living out the century and that the college generation must vote in favor of proactive political administration to perpetuate their future.

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