Oct 222007

First let me say to Ryan Nowell – I appreciate your honesty and bravery.

Thank you for thinking. If there was anything that people should have taken from the preacher man, it’s that as a generation we lack the ability to think for ourselves.

I do, however, find it ironic that you state your “battle cry” a victory for secular humanism.

This is the same secular humanism that ascribes to the theory of “your truth is good for you, mine for me and let’s all be happy with that.” That to me seems to be beyond reason.

Apply that to any other area of life, and you’d be nothing but a fool.

Just ask Fleischman and Pons. Cold fusion worked for them, but not to the rest of the science community, and now they are a joke.

You would say I took that leap of ignorance.

I don’t believe in God because He’s made my life more healthy and comfortable; God is not comfortable. I don’t follow God because someone gave me a proof of Him; even the devil knows God exists, but it doesn’t get him closer to heaven.

I love God because He called me, and I responded. I didn’t need an open mind, but an open heart.

Laura Gustafson

Ph.D student


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