Oct 182007
Authors: Elden T. Holldorf

CSU will host a night of dancing, music and elegance at the 24th annual Wild Goose Masquerade Ball 8 p.m Saturday in the Lory Student Center Ballroom.

The live music event will feature the Denver Pops 50-piece Orchestra (commonly referred to as the Mostly Strauss Orchestra). Students and community members can expect classical 19th century ballroom music by composers such as Strauss and Tchaikovsky, as well as music from the 20th century.

The Ball gets its name from the prominence of geese in Fort Collins, a name echoing the light-hearted, casual nature of the ball.

“It’s funny what people call a ball nowadays.” said Randy Lumb, co-founder of the event with Lex Krausz. “This is a real ball with grandiose music and a huge mass of people swirling around on the dance floor-it’s so unique in the country, and something you’ll never forget when you look back on your college years.”

The LSC’s Main Ballroom will be elegantly decorated, including elaborate floral arrangements. Veterans of the ball from all around the country plan trips to Colorado around the event, Lumb said.

Knowledge of ballroom dancing is not necessary to attend, as most dances will be simple waltzes and polkas; however, more intricate dances such as swing and Latin dances like the tango will be observed.

“Most people don’t know what they’re doing, but the best thing about this kind of event is the people-everyone is really social, loves to dance, and loves to teach others how to dance.” said Stephanie Lahman, coordinator for the ball.

The evening will start with a Grand March dance, in which all dancers will pass each other by and observe the various attires at the ball. Dress can range from formal to costume. Being a masquerade ball, most dancers will be masked and may remain as such throughout the night.

There will also be a costume parade during the first break in which prizes will be given for best costumes. There will be a surprise closing ceremony as well.

“I would definitely encourage people to go.” said CSU Swing Society President Ashley Tolbert. “It’s a unique experience to be part of the atmosphere there, and it’s just a good time.”

Food and drinks will be provided, courtesy of CSU catering. The ball is hosted by Friends of Traditional Dance and co-sponsored by CSU Swing Society. It is expected to go until 11 p.m. Tickets are $25, $20 for students, and can be purchased at the door, Campus Box Office (491-4849), or www.csutix.com.

Staff writer Elden Holldorf can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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