Oct 172007

The Collegian’s responses to allegations of liberal bias have, thus far, been unsatisfactory. If insufficient in no other way, the responses have made at least one very na’ve oversight in ignoring the impact of the Editorial Board column that appears in every paper.

Even if the other editorials were evenly split between liberal and conservative views, as was asserted, the Editorial Board column is nonetheless nearly (if not) always liberal in bias, when politics are concerned. Additionally, it spans the entire top third of the Opinion page, and both its headline and body are larger in typeface than the other columns.

Imagine a television show hosted by a professedly biased personality. If each hour-long episode consisted of a 20-minute, overtly biased introduction by the host, followed by an evenly split 40-minute debate between a conservative and a liberal, would any objective person claim the program to be unbiased?

Likewise, the Editorial Board’s column, dominating the whole top third of the Opinion page, assumes an air of authority and additionally frames the debate of any question at hand in an overhanded manner unbefitting of an ostensibly objective newspaper.

As a reader who still clings to the ideal of an unbiased newspaper, and an Opinion page that is truly an open forum for debate, I would implore the Collegian to consider an alternative format, which does not so promote its own consensus view at the cost of honest discussion. Please, strive to be better than “not just a liberal rag.”

Ethan Schaefer

freshman geology major

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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