Ram Talk

Oct 112007

Yesterday I saw a squirrel that was army-crawling through the grass. I think he has a plan to take down Zorro the fox.

The other day I saw a Jimmy John delivery girl sprinting through the plaza with a sub sandwich. Their ads are right . they are pretty fast.

To all the girls riding their bikes with little skirts on: NOT everyone wants to see your Britney!

I was driving down the street that was outlined in green and gold trees and the gold leaves rained down on my windshield … what a beautiful day to be a CSU Ram!

I’m thinking the conditions are perfect for a big W this weekend. Even Mother Nature is showing some green and gold. You can do it Rammies! I still have faith.

I miss the good ole’ days when professional athletes endorsed cigarettes and booze.

Wanted: tutor for riding a bicycle without hands.

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