Oct 092007

To the people who stole the German Club’s flag and flag pole out of our truck during the homecoming game: We’d really like it back, no questions asked.

Would you return it to the steps of Clark C? Thanks!

Does anyone wonder if Zorro and the squirrels ever battle it out at night when everyone is gone and asleep? My guess; Zorro: 7, Squirrel Nation: 0.

Whoever was responsible for removing Fum’s Song, CSU’s 12 losses are your fault.

To any boys in early morning classes: I understand it’s early and there may

not be time for a shower, but I’ll let you in on a little secret: Axe Body

Spray works wonders…

Attention first semester freshmen: you are not allowed to complain about Sonny. He has done everything, you have done nothing.

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