Oct 092007

After a year of nothing but losing football, a lot has been discussed lately about the security of Sonny Lubick’s job as coach of the CSU Rams.

Arguments seem valid for and against Sonny to stay, making it very difficult take an informed stance on the issue.

On one hand, losing 12 straight games should never be accepted and the coach of such a team should be held accountable.

On the other, Lubick is almost single-handedly responsible for building the CSU football program from scratch into what was at once one of the most consistently successful in the whole country.

Ask a majority of Lubick’s players and they’ll tell you there’s no way he should be fired.

We agree.

At most, Lubick calls the plays; he’s not the one who’s failing to execute them, even though Lubick himself has accepted blame for his team’s struggles.

A coach’s job is to put his team in a position to win and that’s exactly what Lubick continues to do. In just five games this year, the Rams have held second-half leads three times. Last time we checked, Lubick wasn’t one of the 11 members of the CSU defense that allowed San Diego State to drive 80 yards down the field in less than two minutes to win Saturday’s homecoming game.

For doing all that he has for the athletic department and the university, forcing Lubick to quit against his will would be wrong.

Does loyalty not count for anything these days?

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