Oct 082007

To the so-called “Ram Fans” who boo their own team after a bad play or loss…STAY HOME! Oh, and when we do get our win, don’t act like you’re part of us; you guys are fake.

I saw a girl wearing a shirt that said, “I got a full ride to Princeton 2007″… then why are you at CSU?!

To the band girl in love with Johnny Walker: you’re way too good for a member of the record holding team for number of losses. Try the cross-country team; they’ve got some winners.

To the couple fighting at the football game: No, he doesn’t trust you, and yes, his phone is more important than you. Next time argue somewhere else.

The biggest problem with the world today is apathy.but then again who cares?

Wow. I never thought that I would see the day when the Buffaloes were better than the Rams AND the Broncos. I want to cry.

Oh, you gotta love the new “Ram Republic” newsletter. It fulfills every stereotype of the crazy right wing. Keep on entertaining us.

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