Oct 072007

Thank God for the Colorado Rockies. Because without them, there might be a suicide watch for all local sports fans.

Saturday’s homecoming football game in which the Rams dropped their 12th game in a row to lowly San Diego State was down right depressing. And do we even have to mention whatever it was the Broncos pulled on Sunday?

SDSU was supposed to be CSU’s breakout game, a chance to prove to everybody that going a full year without a win is just a matter of bad luck and not bad football.

But then again, the Rockies aren’t supposed to be playing like the 1927 New York Yankees, either.

For those who have been living under a massive pile of boulders, the Rockies swept the Philadelphia Phillies Sunday night at Coors Field, setting up a clash with the Arizona Diamondbacks for the right to go the World Series

So as it becomes increasingly difficult to stay true to the green and gold, enjoy rooting for the purple and black to the fullest.

But don’t give up on the Rams. And certainly don’t stop cheering for the Rockies if they suck again next year. Believe it or not, the roles will be reversed again someday, like when Sonny was piling up conference titles and the Rockies were consistently among baseball’s worst.

Many native Coloradans can agree that being a Rockies fan through the years has been no easy task. Well, they now have definitely earned our support.

Each win still comes as a shock. It seems like at any moment, Clint Hurdle’s boys are going to snap out of this fantasy. Are these really our same old Colorado Rockies?

They aren’t. The only remaining vestige from the old team is Todd Helton, so props to our first baseman for sticking it out through all the terrible season over the years.

Now if only classes could be canceled .

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