Oct 042007

Well I call the fox Zorro, which is Spanish for fox. Maybe you should look for a bird.

To my secret admirer at Cam’s: I already have a girlfriend who is obsessed with my sexy, golden locks. Sorry.

To the girl trying to catch her parakeet in front of Yates: I hope the fox didn’t get to him first.

To the FANS with the crisp new Rockies hats: I’m glad to see you are protecting your eyes from the FAIRWEATHER sun we have had recently.

Thanks to the football players for not laughing at me when I fell off my bike in front of your practice yesterday. I promise I won’t laugh at you guys when you lose on Saturday.

To the guy that eats breakfast with me most days: please stop being awkward. I am tired of thinking of ways to kill myself with my shredded wheat.

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