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CSU’s English Department is stirring it up again with the Creative Writing Reading Series this fall. Tonight at 7:30 students have the opportunity to meet feature writer, author and CSU alumnus Jim Sheeler at a reading in the Hatton Gallery. Sheeler will be presenting nonfiction readings from more than a few projects taken on over the years.

Sheeler, a reporter for the Rocky Mountain News, made a name for himself in 2006 when he and a colleague won a Pulitzer Prize for their work the investigative story “Final Salute,” which was originally printed in November 2005.

Sheeler will also be reading from the recently-released, “Obit: Inspiring Stories of Ordinary People Who Led Extraordinary Lives.” Sheeler was inspired to write the book after typing obituaries as part of a former job at a Boulder-based publication.

“I realized I could help tell those stories one last time.” Sheeler said.

The stories in “Obit” are not of military members or celebrities, but of ordinary citizens. Sheeler met the families of the deceased, learned of them, looked at photo albums and childhood rooms. Sheeler’s book isn’t written in the obituary sense, he said, but it does “tell real stories with a true beginning, middle and end. It’s a narrative story that speaks a true story about regular people.”

A book signing is scheduled with Sheeler at the CSU bookstore on Friday, Oct. 5 at noon.

Jim Sheeler received a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from CSU and a master’s in journalism from the University of Colorado.

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