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Authors: Kayla Huddleston

A local artist has abandoned the typical brush-to-canvass technique for his most recent paintings by incorporating burlap bags, typically used to carry potatoes and coffee beans, and old window frames into his artwork.

Taylor Gallegos, a CSU alumnus, brings in influences from his everyday life into his work currently on display at the Cups Coffee Shop.

“Everything I experience in my life goes into my artwork,” Gallegos said.

His influences range from working with colleagues, perusing art museums and galleries and painting with his little sister.

“I am trying to experiment with as many looks, feels and textures that I can so the burlap bags worked out well,” Gallegos said. “I am just trying everything to see what works.”

Some of the paintings on display at Cups are self-portraits; others depict people dancing and a few have no noticeable theme to them. The use of various burlap pieces gives the paintings added texture and a unique look.

Often times, the models depicted in his previous pictures play a significant role in Gallegos’s life. Some are people with lives or personalities he respects.

But, for his current display, this isn’t necessarily the case.

“A lot of the time I just need imagery, so they are random people,” Gallegos said. “The ones at Cups are just imagery.”

Gallegos’s use of color also gives his artwork a distinctive appearance.

“I go on little kicks and use one color for awhile and see how it works with every other color,” Gallegos said. “It’s just where my mind is at right now with color. I try to mix it up.”

Gallegos graduated in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and concentrations in painting and drawing. His work has been displayed at various venues in Fort Collins, recently including Gib’s NY Bagels and the Walnut Street Gallery.

Gallegos’s work can be viewed at Cups at Elizabeth and Taft Hill every Tuesday night through November. Free frozen yogurt will be available to students hosting study sessions at the shop.

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