Sep 302007
Authors: Lester L. Washington

Ian Bezek is an undercover racist and his parents may be the same way, plain and simple, though like most at CSU, he claims to promote, embrace, and brag about diversity and the few black or minority people he knows and socialized with, but know little about us.

First, he starts by that he was disheartened by the racism that has existed in this country for more than 500 years against first the Native Americans and grew forward. Disheartened but not beat, jailed, and lynched because of his color.

The purpose of the Civil Rights Movement was not to have a colorblind society as you dream of, but a society in light of history that is very aware of the color of others and their culture.

A person that wants a colorblind society is a racist in heart.

He also stated “The Jena Six are a group of black students that, according to witnesses, assaulted a white classmate.”

This is a true statement but Ian – you overlooked a vital point in any argument – gathering and presenting all of the facts from both sides.

A black student was assaulted, beaten, and hurt the night before and “the racist police and DA would not allow him to take pictures, press charges against the whites, and the DA’S office sought no charges against the whites – a vital and racially blinding fact that you and others overlooked.

Yes, Justin was hurt and needed treatment – or did he? He was at a party later that night so was this a charade.

The Blacks looking at the nooses were hurt too, so were the blacks that were beaten the night and weeks before. You failed to acknowledge or address that fact.

You also stated that it is not surprising the students were charged and arrested – you fail to mention that what is more surprising is the DA’s Office, hospital, court, and police collaborated and failed to care for the black victims that were beaten in the same manner they care for the whites.

No psychologists were called in to counsel the black students for Psychological trauma from the nooses – a death threat. Are the blacks less human, 3/5 of a man, a dog, animal, and unworthy of medical care?

Likewise, how did 16 year-old Mychal Bell become the focal point? Was someone out to hang this nigger because he has a criminal record?

Check the public court records, there are whites in Jena whose record is far more criminal and extensive than his and they are walking the streets because their crimes – though equal – were considered mistakes – mere pranks.

I know – I lived in Louisiana 12 years and had to file suit against white supremacists.

What makes a confident woman a bitch, a black man that commits a crime an extreme criminal, and yet a white male that commits the same crime a prankster? Racism – deep seated, damaging, race worshipping, anti Christian racism.

In this case, race was not used as a “get out of jail free” card” as you stated, in fact race was used the night before as a “you cannot go to the hospital, get medical attention, you cannot file charges, and a “the court and police are not here to serve AND protect you card,” as it was for Barker.

The white violent criminals went free but you stated “we live in a nation of laws and . we cannot let violent criminals go free” but you did the night before – because they were whites who assaulted a black person but “that is OK in your consciousness when the person is Gay, black, Hispanic, a female victim of domestic violence, and other minorities? BS!!”

What are the names of the white students that beat the black student the night before? You do not know because they were not haunted down, arrested, charged with crimes, criminalized because they were white – how ironic.

Yes the protesters were pissed and so was I because of people like you – comfortable in your racial blindness – white skin privileges where crimes of black men are mere pranks when committed by whites. Where, like at CSU, people brag about diversity but keep qualified blacks out of jobs and key positions and have done so for decades.

Yes imagine, if your father and mother really taught you not to be racist – prejudice – you really would have a different view of the world and present facts from both sides.

You stated “Courtrooms are a place to serve justice, not debate racial injustices; Bell is guilty and should be punished.”

Yes, Mychal Bell should be punished – beside nine white students: three who hung nooses and six who beat a black student the night before Bell was in a fight – equally punished, jailed, and criminalized for life!

Yes, and you say you are ashamed, but you omitted vital facts and justified keeping teens in jail for doing the same things whites did the day before and they were not jailed – fighting.

Lester L. Washington is a Ph.D. candidate in the CSU School of Education. He can be contacted at or 970-689-2549. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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