Sep 302007
Authors: Aaron Hedge

A CSU student is considering ending her education at CSU because of an editorial that was printed in the Collegian Sept. 21. The editorial that included a profane reference to President George W. Bush convinced her parents to start researching other schools.

The editorial, which read “Taser this . F*** BUSH” with the expletive spelled out in font about twice the size of a headline, upset Cathy Ide, mother of construction management sophomore Holly Loucks. Ide was so offended that she will probably pull her daughter from CSU.

“It’s just so disrespectful to our leader,” Ide, of Casper, Wyoming said. “We’re gonna be looking at other schools. It just shows how liberal the school is. I’m not sure that I want her to go to a school that would allow that.”

“My family is very conservative, not like the Collegian,” Loucks said.

Ide is also worried that tuition might go up as an indirect result of the page four editorial.

“If funds are pulled from Colorado State and that causes an increase in tuition,

then I’m gonna be pulled from school,” Loucks said.

A representative of CSU alumni voiced concerns at a Board of Student Communications (BSC) hearing Wednesday night that alumni organizations are having trouble collecting funds from regular donors because of the editorial.

“I have a buddy of the alumni association who calls for donations,” said Riley Hestermann, a senior marketing major. “He can’t even get people to talk to him because they are so upset. They’re fired up.”

Hestermann was one of 12 students and community members who spoke against the editorial and advocated for the firing of Collegian Editor in Chief J. David McSwane.

Supporters of the piece, including media studies instructor Pam Jackson, said that McSwane didn’t deserve to be fired and had effectively accomplished his goal to start debate about freedom of speech. Eighteen McSwane supporters spoke at the meeting.

The BSC will decide whether McSwane will keep his job in a private meeting Thursday.

One CSU official said it is too early to worry about tuition increases from donators pulling support.

“I think it’s too early to tell if the alumni association will be affected,” said Dell Rae Moellenberg, a spokeswoman for the university.

“My mom is pretty torqued . because no one’s doing anything about it,” Loucks said.

The Collegian has also received several letters to the editor from parents who have crossed CSU off the list of their children’s possible colleges.

“For the first time, I am ashamed to be a part Colorado State University,” Loucks said.

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