Sep 272007
Authors: Aaron Hedge

A man called in what the CSU Police Department (CSUPD) is calling a threat to the newsroom phone of the Collegian around 2 p.m. Thursday. The man said the newspaper’s editorial board was “. in big trouble.” He repeated this several times to the reporter who answered the call.

He then said that the board should leave campus. When asked why he said, “Just tell them to leave campus, bye,” and hung up the phone.

The man did not identify himself during the call.

Police were called and two officers arrived on scene less than five minutes later.

After checking the newsroom for suspicious items, CSUPD released a statement to the Collegian.

“The police are investigating the threat, but do not believe it to be credible at this time,” the statement said. “However, police are increasing security precautions at the Lory Student Center where the Collegian office is located.”

The threat is still under investigation and the CSUPD is not releasing any further information at this time.

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