LTTE: Freedom of Speech

Sep 252007

Congratulations David!

I fully support your right to free speech. When we are not allowed to publish or express our thoughts, this country will be in some very serious trouble.

Fuck Bush. Fuck the Faux News Network. Fuck Tasers!

Keep up the good work

Denis Bonneau

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest disgust at the recent editorial in the Collegian.

By running this editorial, it is clear that your editorial staff has little understanding regarding the standards of journalism.

Rather than put forth clear and concise views about issues facing the students and community of Colorado State University, you and your editorial board have exemplified all that is wrong with modern day journalism.

Your act has gone beyond the walls of the university to once again pain the journalism profession as one that is without direction or purpose.

While I fully support your First Amendment right to print any editorial you choose, I feel it is my obligation to also exercise that right to ensure that none of my companies university-oriented advertising is directed to your paper.

I further intend to exercise that right by reaching out to your advertisers so that they are keenly aware of my abhorrence for this blatant abuse of journalistic principles and my lack of support for any organization which supports your paper through it’s advertising dollars.

Greg Buchanan

Winter Springs, Florida

I found the potty mouth editorial regarding the President of the US the works of small-minded boys and girls.

Evidently the editors of the CSU student newspaper never really grew up to be men or women prior to entering CSU.

A return to kindergarten would provide an appropriate education before you embark on the road to adulthood. I suspect your parents and elementary school teachers were not successful in teaching you to be civilized.

You have sullied your names and most especially the name of your university.

Just because the US has freedom of speech it is not necessary for us to demonstrate our ignorance.

Journalist you are not unless you are considering a career in the footsteps of men like the infamous Jerry Springer.

You would all fit right in with him. By the way, is this the product of what you learn from the journalist professors at CSU?

R. W. Chambers


Using profanity is not a matter of free speech, it is a sign of ignorance.

Is this what you are being taught in journalistic studies? No wonder the media is looked upon as the lowest of the low lately and the mainstream media is dying a slow death.

Oh, and the jerk was tasered at a Kerry event and it had NOTHING to do with President Bush. But it is again made abundantly clear that truth means nothing to you in the media.

Donna Fiore

Free Speech is a great thing. I like your style. Keep up the good work.

Roby Butler

All I can say in response to your stupid antics is fuck you, you immature little twerp.

Scott Smith

Boulder, CO

I just wanted to commend your paper for exercising it’s clearly worded Constitutional right to freedom of the press.

Though I’m sure you are probably taking a lot of flack, ironically, from many of those who say they support freedom of the press please know that there are those of us out here who actually do support that right without right-wing strings attached.

This has been a great week for exercising Constitutional rights with the 16 year-old who spoke truth to John McCain, MoveOn’s New York Time’s full page ad, and now your editorial.

It is nice to know that there are still those who refuse to let the Constitution die at the hands of Bush and his right-wing cronies. Keep up the great work!!

Forrest Cook

Charlottesville, VA

What a shameful paper CSU has. How low class of you to publish that “editorial.”

What would even make you think that publishing, “Taser this…FUCK BUSH” would be a good idea?

The school can obviously see from past editorials that you don’t care for the President.

However, there are other ways to get your message across to the students. The next time you want to share another “great opinion” how about you share it intellectually.

Thank you for showing us how “smart” you really are. When you can’t think of good ways to bash Bush, you resort to profanity, stupidity and name-calling.

The last time I checked we were in college, not 5th grade.

Great going guys!!!

Anne Zelenak

Glad to see you guys draw the line somewhere – the number of words I can respond in.

So, it seems, the Rocky Mountain Collegian is more interested in quantity NOT quality. Well, let me shorten my previous letter down to an acceptable and understandable two: FUCK YOU!

Chris Doe

I was wondering how something so impudent and classless got by your desk?

On behalf of all Americans, veterans and scholars that have higher expectations of the dolt that wrote that, I just wanted to say that most of us still are not socialists yet.

In that our President has found a type of fascism to confront with much appeal to our leftists students, we understand leftists tendencies to have tantrums. And finally FUCK YOU.

Fuck you again and him too.

If you see Ward Churchill around lying more about his qualifications tell him to go fuck himself.

John Barclay

Since you have embraced the word “Fuck” in the way you address the President; then Fuck You and your liberal school.

I am just exercising my rights and will do everything within my power to convince my business associates never to hire a graduate from your school.

Jim Uribe

President, North American

Business Consultants

You should be commended and your parents proud on printing a statement that expresses the truest sentiment regarding free speech on college campuses.

As a college administrator, I was proud to learn that such an editorial ran in your paper. I only wish more people would show such levels of patriotism, dissent and commitment to liberty.

Keep up the good struggle.

Ryan Buck

Brooklyn, NY

You kids have shown yourselves to be morons. Yes, kids and morons – because educated adults don’t have to stoop to crude, vulgar language in order to express themselves.

That’s what a real education does for people – it separates them from the knuckle-draggers.

CSU must be a really inferior college if that headline represents your best effort at expressing yourselves.

Good luck getting a job (look it up) someday with that kind of intellect.

Grow up.

Phil Nolden

Sanibel, FL

It’s about bloody time someone spoke out so vehemently about Dubya.

I support your “explicit headline” to the fullest extent a 17-year-old can!

I think it’s great that someone finally put into words what 66% of this country’s been thinking for the past four and one-half years.

Fuck Bush, fuck the war, and fuck, I can’t wait until January 20, 2009.

*Salutes* Keep up the good work.

Corey Kay

I know you have got tons of e-mails regarding Friday’s paper, but I just feel that I can’t sit back and let others say, when I can write an e-mail just as well as they can.

I was on a student newspaper, so I understand trying to push the limits, but I think you pushed them a little too far. With freedom comes responsibility.

I was very proud of the fact that the Collegian was willing to apologize for the caption about the stake-out, we used to write in fillers like that all the time.

The issue I think is that you apologized for saying something vulgar, and then turn right around and pull something like this.

I think not only is this disrespectful, it is childish.

As a former journalist of a nationally recognized high school publication, I am very disappointed to see this from a college level publication.

I hope it was worth it to you because I truly believe that the Collegian editorial staff should be punished severely.

With choices come consequences, and eye for an eye.

Jenna Coleman

Sports Medicine Major

As a CSU alum, I applaud the Collegian for having the guts to say what a lot of people think.

The Bush administration has methodically taken away our rights. All this in the “land of the free.”

Don’t apologize, Collegian!

We have a right to free speech. Our media is so censored here, compared to that in Europe.

Samantha Savant

CSU Alum

Thank you for exercising your/our right to free speech, that is, while we still have it. I just want to show some support.

Thanks again!

Steven Cobb

Congratulations on making your statement on President Bush.

Your 15 minutes of fame has arrived.

We have a marvelous First Amendment, which was made for this.

Randy Hoops

Springfield, MO

Briefly, I want to state how disheartening it is to know that a state university such as Colorado State allows such filth to occur in a school sanctioned newspaper.

You may not be able, by law, to tell them what to publish, but you do not have to monetarily support such foolishness and nonsense. You are allowing this nonsense to go on using money from state taxpayers.

I am not from Colorado, however, if this happened with a University in Georgia, my state senators and representatives would definitely be hearing from this constituent.

Whether your newspaper staff agrees with what any president or political figure does, it should NEVER result in rude and filthy remarks.

What happened to people being appropriate?

Of course, you will use the First Amendment as a cop out to prevent the students who published this filth to go unpunished.

I say that the members of the Board and anyone who is currently filling a position on the newspaper who allowed this filth to be published be asked to resign their positions.

Nelson Goucher

Douglasville, GA

Mr. McSwane,

You are now officially the STUPIDEST motherfucker on the face of the planet.

You’re too Goddamned stupid to understand that George Bush had not one thing to do with that incident. You should never be granted a college degree, because it’s clear that your reasoning skills have, if anything, managed to be dulled even further by your college experience.

Regardless of whether or not the University of Florida Police Department was justified in using a Taser to pacify that drama queen, it remains utterly and completely unconnected to George Bush in any way, shape, form or fashion.

So I challenge you to this: produce some genuine hard evidence that this incident directly involved George Bush, and I’ll personally fly out to Colorado and kiss your ass on a public stage.

If you cannot provide such evidence, you will run an editorial next week, in precisely the same typeface and size as this one, stating “We’re sorry.”

Do you have the intellectual honesty to accept this challenge?

Adam Wood

I don’t think that the latest editorial on Bush was professional or thought provoking. Any foul-mouthed eighth grader can spout that nonsense.

Which shows me that they have very little intellect to back their argument.

It would prove much more effective to actually back your editorials with actual “facts, ” (not propaganda). Anyone can curse, but it takes an intellectual to prove a point.

I noticed your media organization was self-funded.

You may have, not only hurt your media organization, but also hurt Colorado State.

It’s a shame when raw emotion trumps intellect. I would never send my son to Colorado State.

I am embarrassed for all of you.

Paula Henry

You are so off base in your interpretation of the tasering “event” in Florida, and in your response to it. You couldn’t be more wrong.

The tasering was harsh, but warranted when you see that the student was physically noncompliant with law officers and was causing a disruption.

In my opinion he was sounding and acting dangerously, and John Kerry, being a Senator and former presidential candidate, creates a security situation that didn’t allow for the childish antics of the obnoxious kid.

Your response is equally immature and unwarranted, and now your paper is getting “tasered” by the loss of ad revenue.

I hope it stings your paper hard and that you learn a lesson now while you’re young and foolish and too passionate to think straight.

The fact that you discussed the issue for “several hours” leaves me mystified that you couldn’t muster the collective common sense to flee the temptation to do it, though I can understand the base instinct.

You’ve made some headlines and your name is out there now; it may serve you well in the future, but for now it only makes you look like a child and it makes your publication appear to the rest of the nation as just another underground rag.

John Cornett

LaPorte, IN

As a member of the US Armed forces for over 30 years, I am pissed off at who ever wrote the headline and at you for allowing it to be published.

I am getting pretty sick and tired of the press claim that they have no responsibility to anyone but themselves. That is the problem with young people in America today they have no self-responsibility.

Colleges are re-enforcing this asinine thought process. Again thanks for not taking a stand – you prove my point.

Joe Ping

As a former college principal I would have been disgusted with an editor in chief who allowed this kind of content to actually make it to press.

To lampoon President Bush and associate him, or any other president for that matter, as your editorial answer to the tasering of the student in Florida and your unhappiness with Florida law enforcement merely shows your vast ignorance of legal and political matters.

Do the Collegian a favor and resign.

Mrs. A Kemege

Seattle WA

I understand your editorial was published to spark a discussion on the First Amendment.

Exactly the same discussion could have been initiated by asking the question “Does the loyal opposition become Treasonous before or after the killing of one of our troops is caused by such inflammatory rhetoric?”

What is more important to the editorial board, the right to be uncivil or the well being of our troops?

Yes, the Editorial Board has the right to be uncivil, rude and even disgraceful. But when it costs the life of one of our troops, I believe it becomes Treason.

Jim Earl

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