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Sep 232007

Collegian critics say Friday’s “Our View” was immature, unnecessary and offensive. We don’t disagree.

However, those four words accomplished more than any other staff editorial we’ve written this year. It got people thinking about free speech, its boundaries and the importance of exercising it on a college campus.

And yes, First Amendment rights have been and will continue to be trampled on if they are not constantly challenged.

The bold statement we printed was more a declaration of free speech than it was a political statement about President Bush.

We’ve written several opinion pieces bashing the president, and all of those fell on deaf, apathetic ears – a disappointing truth on the CSU campus.

It’s interesting and scary that the use of the F-word garners more attention than an intelligent, well-researched editorial.

Yes, we could have used our usual 250 words to discuss the same topic, but who would have read it? And who would have spoken out against it or in favor of it? Who would have talked about it at all?

We took a stand, and a rather risky move, to tell our readers in just a few words that we, as college students, should wake up and start asking questions, demanding answers and challenging norms.

Our fellow college students, they can’t Taser all of us.

Lastly, some of our critics have expressed their own opinions and some of them are well beyond the blunt, offensiveness of our four words. Yet, to this, we commend your execution of free speech, and we will print every word of your letters to the editor.

After all, that’s what this is all about.

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