Sep 192007

To the guys that made fun of the two guys walking out of the SOGLBT office, I laughed my butt off when they called you out on it, and all you could do was stutter. You guys are REAL tough!

Thank You, Collegian. Now so many more students have been shown the genius

satire of The Onion. Does anyone know where the full paper can be found in

Ft. Collins?

To the jerk who dinged the ever-living crap out of my car door in the parking lot the other day: thank you for the blue paint.

Yesterday was my birthday, and it was also the same day I saw a longboarder eat it. Thank you longboarder for a very special day.

Thanks to everyone who didn’t run me over when I hurled myself into traffic to

get a fox safely across Shields. I know I just looked like some crazy girl on

a bike. I got the fox safely home though!

To the person who took girlfriend’s Cobra Starship hoodie: there will be no repercussions for your actions if you return it to the eCave before this weekend.

To the unfortunate soul in the stall next to me: sorry for being brave enough to try Qdoba’s breakfast burrito.

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