Sep 182007

To the really attractive guy to whom I introduced myself while you were studying physics in the LSC: I’d like to apologize for taking my creepiness a step further and stalking you via RamTalk. I never thought I’d be “that girl.” You’re really hot, though. It’s not my fault.

Is it horrible that every time there’s someone out on the plaza who tries to shove his or her beliefs about religion in my face I just want to give them the finger and run?

The other day I saw a girl at College and Elizabeth on TWO cell phones wile driving. I wasn’t even mad; I was impressed.

As I rode my bike down Laurel the other night, I was startled by a porcupine bookin’ it across the street to the LSC. I then tried to pet it, but it chased me away. So long Pedro the Porcupine…

Is anyone else ready for Thanksgiving break yet?

Thanks to the girl in the library on Monday night who donated her half eaten chow mein and bagel with cream cheese to the starving Rho Gammas. Sorry we were being so loud, we were all buzzed on Red Bull and Diet Coke… you rock.

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