Sep 182007

Some local organizations are working to reduce alcohol advertisements in the Collegian – ads that contribute greatly to the sustainability of your student paper.

The ads, they say, might motivate some underage students to drink alcohol. So, these groups have discouraged several local retailers from advertising in the Collegian.

Their suggestion: advertise instead in the Rocky Mountain Chronicle or Next magazine to avoid advocating drinking among underage students.

While groups like TEAM Fort Collins and Responsible Alcohol Retailers are good people fighting a worthy fight, their approach is just plain silly.

First, the Chronicle and several other publications are also free and just as available on campus and in the community.

And in the community you’ll find all kinds of scary things like high schools and middle schools.

Second, many of the advertisements are promoting drink specials available only to those old enough to enter a bar. Sure, some sly students have managed to get a fake ID, but those students were going to drink before they saw any advertisement.

There are also several programs on campus to prevent underage drinking, which will continue with or without booze advertisements.

These groups have isolated the Collegian, saying our publication is geared primarily at underage students. But most of the students on campus are of age, university reports show.

The bottom line: alcohol ads are legal and a benefit to those students who can legally drink.

If these groups want to guard students from the realities of college life, perhaps they should focus on some of our sexually suggestive or just out-right offensive advertisements.

The Collegian reminds you to “ball responsibly.”

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