Sep 182007
Authors: Matthew Pucak

Out of 60 dreamers, only one or two will be lucky to emerge as a member or the CSU men’s basketball team, but anywhere from 10-12 will live to see another round of tryouts.

The Rams coaching staff held a tryout open to students Tuesday night at Moby Arena, looking for some diamonds in the rough. The Rams currently only have nine scholarship players, two of who will be sitting out the upcoming season due to transfer rules.

Coach Tim Miles was impressed by how many students showed up, praising the university for its great support.

“What a showing. I love the fact that this school would come to the aid of your team when they need players,” said Miles after the tryout. “We will definitely be taking one or two this year.”

The players were divided into six teams, playing up-tempo games on three courts, while the coaches evaluated talent from the sideline. The staff admitted it wasn’t the perfect way to assess the players, but it is what they have become accustomed to doing.

“This is what we do for a living, so you get used to it,” said Craig Smith, director of basketball operations for the Rams.

The goal of the first day of tryouts was to get down to about 10 players, and then eventually cut that number down to one or two players who can help the team, which would fill the number of roster spots Miles needs.

“I would like to have 14-15 players on the team, but we will be short of that a bit this year,” Miles said.

The pace of the tryout was frantic, leaving many players unsure of how they performed, but most were grateful for the opportunity to try to impress the coaches, including Ben Minger, a senior construction management major.

“It was fun. There was a lot of people, and a lot of talent, but I am sure that the coaches will be able to figure out who deserves to move on,” he said.

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