Sep 162007

I have been a student in this school for many years and have been very active in student organizations for all of them. After reading Thursday’s LTTE, I feel a need to respond.

First of all let’s get this straight, the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity or PIKE was removed as a sanctioned student organization after several incidents that were in violation of school polices.

There was sufficient evidence that not only were members of said organization involved but that the aforementioned organization acted as a sponsor.

They received due process and were found in the wrong and are being justly punished.

They broke the rules and now they are paying the price for their actions – both with their suspension but with the destruction of their reputation with much of the student body.

Suing the school will not help this situation for them. Sorry but this is not how things work in the real world.

I applaud the Collegian for their balanced coverage of this issue.

David S. Crosson

Senior history major

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