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Sep 132007
Authors: Ashley Emmons

CSU Greeks kicked off recruitment week Thursday. Commonly called rush week, campus fraternities and sororities will host social events, meals and informational sessions this weekend and next week in an effort to attract more members.

Evan Welch, assistant director of Greek life, said recruitment is about creating a good fit between Greek houses and members.

“It’s about getting to know the individual and letting them know the organizations,” Welch said. “Let them know there is a good process in place for them to select an organization that fits them.”

The process of recruiting is different for sororities and fraternities. Sororities have a five-day process that informs women about all of the houses, whereas fraternities work to attract members independently.

Women interested in joining a Greek chapter need go to the Lory Student Center Ballroom for orientation 9 a.m. Saturday to register.

Potential new members are separated into groups to visit each sorority on campus.

“Each house is very creative on how they present information about their house,” Welch said. “They work hard to gain interest from the potential new members.”

Zeta Tau Alpha (ZTA) will have a representative for their chapter on Saturday at the orientation for sororities but will not join campus until Oct. 1. Their recruitment takes place Oct. 16-18.

Deb Ensor, executive director of ZTA, said they are excited start their first rush as a colony at CSU.

“We are anxious to rejoin the Greek life at CSU,” Ensor said. “Everyone has been so helpful and we are hoping for a good turn out for recruitment.”

CSU fraternities have a more solo-based recruitment process.

Fraternities give a list to the Greek Life Office about what they will be doing for recruitment. After that, it’s up to each individual man to choose with which house he wants to get involved.

Each house sets up different activities each day. Each house varies, but the activities range from barbecues, watching football games and go-carting.

The Greek Life Office sets up a time period of recruiting to make sure that all organizations have the same opportunity to recruit new members from the same pool of individuals.

The fraternities have been able to bid (make offers to people to join their houses) from the beginning of the week. They will stop bidding today but will start again Wednesday after formal bid day. The sororities will not bid for new members until Wednesday.

Matt Huntington, vice president of recruitment, said he hopes recruitment will help students learn what Greek life is really about.

“Greek life is about scholastics, community service and developing life-long friendships,” Huntington said.

The Greek Life Office said they would like students to know that Pi Kappa Alpha or PIKE is not a recognized fraternity at CSU, and the university cannot ensure a student’s positive development or safety should they choose to be involved with the organization.

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