Sep 122007

As an alumnus of Colorado State University, I am absolutely appalled at the articles that you have written about the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity over the past few weeks. Where do you get the audacity to write about a fraternity who donated over $1,000 to sponsor a youth soccer team this past fall? In addition to participating in CSUnity on an annual basis, they also help to sponsor the Fort Collins Teen Splash Dance. Why don’t you write about those events?

The men of Pi Kappa Alpha are truly gentlemen who create a “Dream Girls” calendar, in which the proceeds go exclusively to their chapter’s philanthropy. These four men chose to distribute these calendars outside of the dorms, and thought that they were within the means of the law. They were not aware of the regulations that the university has implemented regarding such publications.

In addition, the “Rise and Ralph” activity is not an event in which the pledges are “locked” into a room and “made to drink.” Instead, it is a celebration of sororities coming off of lockdown. I graduated in May of 2005 and attended many of the “Rise and Ralph” activities. These events are not exclusive to PIKE and are sanctioned by all operating fraternities on campus. During these festivities, I was never made to drink and often times, I chose not to consume alcohol.

I believe that The Rocky Mountain Collegian is an awful publication. You act as if you are the National Inquirer. You glorify each and every negative event regarding the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity and Greek Life as a whole. The members of Greek Life do more for the campus of Colorado State University than the Collegian could ever hope to do.

Lindsay Klautsch

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