Sep 112007

It seems like Collegian writers are mad because they weren’t good enough to get into a frat. I bet the Collegian staff parties are real ragers.

To the girl on the bus: May I recommend not using your outside voice when

talking to your friend on the phone about her brother who crawled into bed

with you while you were insanely drunk. FYI: You used the word “like” 28 times

in one minute.

It’s frustrating to see PIKEs whining about this campus and breaking the rules, while SAE is trying so hard to be apart of it again. I say we kick out Pikes and bring back SAE.

Is anyone else keen on having one epic Slip ‘n Slide on the West Lawn… How good would that be, hey?!

If you’re late to a doctor’s appointment, can you call in sick???

To the cute guy in the Cultural Anthropology class with the beard and his rude insecure girlfriend: Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

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