Sep 112007

President Bush announced that he is finally ready to consider pulling troops out of Iraq.

The president is expected to announce this week that as many as 30,000 troops may be allowed home this summer if progress in Iraq continues, more or less accepting the recommendations made by Gen. Petraeus on Monday.

While we applaud this decision, we can’t help but question our Commander-in-chief’s motives.

Call us skeptics, but we find it hard to believe that this decision came from the bottom of Bush’s heart, especially after the success of his campaign for the troop “surge” that began on Valentine’s Day.

What is more likely is that at a time with immense dissatisfaction with the war among the American people, Bush is trying to make it easier for Republican candidates in the upcoming election.

A decrease in troops combined with Gen. Petraeus’ claim last month that ethnic violence in Iraq has decreased by 75 percent could be just the good news the Republicans have been looking for to turn doubtful voters.

Bush, as both the most recognizable member of his party and the source of most of its problems, probably feels a duty to try to remedy the situation.

That being said, we are extremely glad to hear this good news after what sometimes feels like five years of bad news since the initial invasion.

A good decision, even if made for the wrong reasons, is still a good decision.

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