Sep 092007

The Collegian encouraged us to break the rules and bring glass bottles to the game! You rebels, you!

To all those people who left with 5 minutes left in the game, thanks a lot … you’re really great fans. I’m sure the football team appreciates it as well.

Does anybody else wonder what happened to the old Sonny Lubick? The Sonny Lubick who used to win?

I’m trying to get straight A’s this semester…so all the sports magazines and newspapers in my bathroom I replaced by my school textbooks. Lets hope it works…

Hats off to the inconsiderate putz who knocked over my bike in front of the math building Thursday morning without picking it up. That’s my ride, man. Hats off in pity because your Karma’s going to get you.

To the girl in my 10 AM Cultural Anthropology class who likes my beard … my girlfriend thinks it’s really cute too.

To the person who wrote in about “that cute guy” in your cultural anthropology class: he’s my boyfriend. Sorry about your luck.

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