Sep 062007
Authors: Jeff Dillon

If you haven’t heard yet, Heisman-hopeful DeSean Jackson is coming to town Saturday, and the Cal wide receiver/return man has people across the country ranting and raving about his highlight-reel athletic ability.

CSU senior cornerback, Darryl Williams, isn’t one of them.

Williams said the Rams secondary is preparing just like usual for Jackson and the Golden Bears.

“They do have a pretty good offense and a great receiving corps, but it hasn’t been any different,” Williams said. “We’re not doing anything too crazy or specific for them, we’re just going to have a good game plan and execute.”

Williams, who led the Rams in 2006 with three interceptions and finished fifth in total tackles, will get plenty of looks at Jackson Saturday, though defensive backs coach James Ward said cornerback Joey Rucks will line up against him as well.

“We have some things going on, but you don’t change your whole scheme based on whom you’re playing,” Ward said. “The biggest thing is that we take care of our responsibilities and understand it’s a team sport.”

Coach Sonny Lubick said the Rams may do some double-team coverage on Jackson in certain situations but reiterated the team won’t be throwing away the old playbook because of one player.

“In my experience, you certainly can’t change your defense,” Lubick said. “We’ll know where he is.”

Williams said Jackson’s speed and strength are what sets him apart.

“He’s very hard to bring down,” Williams said. “It doesn’t look like he’s running that fast, but he’s the fastest guy out there by far. If you over-pursue him or give him an inch, he’ll take advantage of it and make you look ridiculous.”

But Williams isn’t shying away from the challenge one bit.

“If you have a great game against a receiving corps like this you show a lot of people what you can do,” he said.



Number: 39

Junior Defensive Back

Hometown: Stanton, Calif.

Height: 5-9

Weight: 180

By the Numbers:

3 – Interceptions in 2006; a team high

5 – Tackles against CU last week; fifth-most for the Rams

4.4 – Williams’ best time in the 40

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