LTTE: language

Sep 052007

I am writing in regards to the “Dangerous standoff warrants an arrest and some other s**t” article title.

What kind of paper publishes language like that in big bold letters?

I believe this is very inappropriate and reflects badly on me as and individual and CSU’s reputation.

What are we supposed to say for ourselves if business professionals are on campus and read this paper? I would hang my head in shame.

This title is absolutely unreasonable and I can’t believe your chief editor would allow something like this to be published. Even if it were a quote, I think you could subtly mention it in the article instead of the title.

This reflects badly on students, the university, and especially the Collegian. Don’t you want to be a credible publication?

Would the New York Times or even the Fort Collins Coloradoan publish something like that? Probably not.

Kyle Schmidt

Junior business administration major

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