Sep 052007
Authors: Brian Park

Rep. Marilyn Musgrave needs to wipe the green paint off her face.

The chances of the Congresswoman becoming pro-environment or pro-alternative energy are about the same as Tom Tancredo sharing a Tecate with an illegal immigrant.

It’s not going to happen.

Musgrave is trying to ‘green-wash’ her image, positioning her policies as environmentally friendly when in fact they’re not.

I write this because last Thursday my opinion page colleague Nick Hemenway wrote an article entitled “Talking energy with Congresswoman Musgrave.”

The column continues the media drumbeat of late that is trying to show Marilyn as a new politician, a consensus builder and a bi-partisan team player, which is a load of Ram excrement.

Regardless of her talk about energy, Iraq or the Pinon Canyon debate, our representative in D.C. is not changing at all.

Musgrave boasts of the potential for wind energy and corn-based ethanol in the article, which is hard to take seriously from a politician who took $65,512 from the oil and gas industry in the last election cycle according to the Center for Responsible Politics, a nonpartisan political research group.

Now she praises these up-and-coming forms of energy (which I admit have their upsides and downsides), but is she going to stop accepting oil and gas money to fuel her next re-election campaign, especially when she has been labeled a “vulnerable” incumbent?

Response: an emphatic, No!

Now Republicans and Democrats both accept funds from the oil and gas industry, but Democrats do so on a much smaller scale. When Republicans for Environmental Protection gives you a score of 17 and -4 out of 100 for the last two Congressional sessions, something is not adding up. But hey, at least it’s not her lifetime rating from the League of Conservation Voters – an impeccable 3 out of 100.

Musgrave toured around the state all summer trying to show she is of the people by pumping gas for Fort Collins customers and that she’s also bridging the partisan gap by appearing at Democratic Party Headquarters in Denver. (Shovel more aforementioned Ram-crap).

To be fair, the American Conservative Union, the nation’s oldest and largest grassroots conservative lobbying organization, has showered a rating of 99 out of 100 on Musgrave, but the organization is hardly a bastion of folks trying to spread the development of new energy sources, or petition for higher energy efficiency standards.

What is Musgrave’s boisterous new policy that’s going to stir the pot up and trail blaze the 4th Congressional district to be a leader on energy policy? Stress the importance of energy efficiency in our homes, according to Hemenway.

Damn, she is original.

I’m sure she told people how imperative it is to insulate your home and use compact fluorescent light bulbs when she was pumping their gas this summer.

I would congratulate Musgrave for her latest change of mind on a variety of matters affecting the U.S. if it weren’t mere political pandering with election season gearing up.

She can hug Democrat Mark Udall all she wants, but a representative with a conservative voting record as hard as the oil and gas rigs she gets her campaign funds from is not going to change that quickly.

Hemenway writes, “with its abundant and accessible resources, Colorado is poised to be a leader in renewable energy development.” I wholeheartedly agree with him, but Musgrave will not guide the way.

Our representative was quoted saying, “we can take this cursed wind and turn it into energy.”

Musgrave is doing exactly that – using the wind from our wonderful state to blow smoke up her constituent’s asses when it comes to redefining U.S. energy policy.

Brian Park is a senior technical journalism and political science double-major.

His column appears occasionally in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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