Sep 032007

To the girl who paid for my Taco Bell, a random motorcyclist, Sunday night … Will you marry me?

Last time I checked a 3 point win in over time is far from an “ass kicking.” You would think the CU students could afford to take some kind of a math class.

At last ram fans love our band, and at least the band is good. Did you see the crazy effects they had?!

CSU needs to replace freshman orientation with Football 101. It turns out the number one thing all incoming students need to learn is how to quit the cheering when the Ram offense is on the field.

I blame the Collegian for our Saturday loss to the Buffs. Remember … the Spartans LOST the Battle of Thermopylae!! After that comparison there was just no hope. Thanks a lot Collegian. Thanks a lot.

It’s really difficult to hear the lecture notes when the people behind you are arguing about who they accidentally slept with last night. Please, keep it to a dull roar.

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