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Authors: Tim Maddocks

College students may soon be able to party hearty without the usual after-drinking drag.

The Cure, an all-natural cure for the common hangover invented by a University of Colorado graduate, will be available in 800 Colorado liquor stores by Sept. 15.

Robert Scholl, 26, developed The Cure with his sister, Anne Marie Scholl, also a CU graduate and currently a developmental biologist at Duke.

The Cure claims to be the first all-natural hangover cure created to address every symptom of a hangover, including nausea, dehydration, fatigue and upset stomach.

The Cure is sold as a powder to be mixed with water and drank after the last drink of the night or first thing in the morning. It’s designed to re-hydrate the body, rebalance electrolytes and restore vitamins and minerals lost in the previous night’s indulgence.

Scholl said that when suffering from a hangover, “it’s simply the healthiest course of action you can take.”

However, when Scholl invented the drink he did not intend to start a business.

“I started passing it out among our friends, it started spreading word of mouth and then Liquor Mart started to sell it,” Scholl said. “It was underground, underground, underground, and then it blew up. ”

He slowly developed the drink while searching for relief from his own hangovers during his time at CU. He would mix different sugars, salts and herbs to make his own concoction. Eventually he found just the right combination.

But it wasn’t until Scholl had help from his sister, Anne Marie Scholl, that The Cure evolved from a homemade remedy to a sellable product.

“My sister and I started to mess around with the formula, and she came up with the exact chemistry for it,” he said.

The product, however, is not effective if the consumer has more than eight drinks.

“If you drink a handle, it’s not going to work,” Scholl said. “We don’t want people to go out and get completely crazy.”

He maintains that the only real cure for a hangover is abstinence, but The Cure is a healthy drink that alleviates the symptoms.

Scholl, an athlete who once competed in an Ironman Triathlon, emphasizes the health aspect of his product. All of the ingredients are natural, even the red color comes from beetroot powder. It addresses the symptoms from a biological perspective, restoring nutrients lost from drinking the night before.

Some patrons of the Ramskeller are skeptical of The Cure.

“The only cure for a hangover is to not drink,” said Evan Singleton, 23, a business finance major. Sarah Pocco, 22, a business administration major, is equally critical.

“I’d maybe try it, but if I drank enough it probably wouldn’t help,” she said.

The Cure is currently available in five Fort Collins liquor stores, including Aggie Liquors, Prospect Liquors and Wilbur’s Total Beverage. It retails at $2.99.

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