LTTE: Pi Kappa Alpha

Aug 302007

Pi Kappa Alpha was booted off our campus two years ago under rather shady circumstances.

For “The Collegian,” who was largely responsible for their condemnation by the university, to continue to berate this group with lies and exaggerations while remaining unchecked by any other media outlet or factual source is cowardly! The latest attack upon this group is further proof of our grand papers’ hatred of the Greek system.

My fraternity does not walk the same path as Pike; however that is precisely the reason they should be recognized, if there is any benefit to that.

Is CSU not about diversity? I would assume this would extend into the “white male dominated” Greek world where hopefully the chapters are diverse.

If you are interested in covering gossip about Greek life how about you go attack something worth fighting, such as our ostentatious “Inter Fraternal Council” whose only goal is to take more money from the chapters to send more of their members on vacations (a.k.a. leadership retreats).

Stephen Mitchell

Senior construction management major

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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