Kyle Bell Ready to Run

Aug 302007
Authors: Nick Hubel

When facing a dominant defensive player, there are often things that can be done to take him out of the game. Ends can be run around; corners can be thrown away from. But a dominant linebacker is tough to avoid, particularly one like CU’s Jordan Dizon.

So, instead of beating around the bush with bubble screens and short passes, the CSU offense will run right at the Buffs this year.

Fortunately for the Rams, they just might have the personnel to pull it off. Junior running back Kyle Bell will spearhead the ground game Saturday, behind an inexperienced but talented offensive line.

“I’m as excited as I have been in my entire life,” Bell said.

Bell said that facing a preseason All-American like Dizon will not change the team’s offensive strategy.

“I have no doubt in my mind that I could go out and get 30 carries,” Bell said. “We’ve got to attack the running game the same way no matter what. As long as we do what we are capable of doing and do what we are supposed to do it doesn’t really matter who we are going up against.”

Offensive coordinator Dan Hammerschmidt said that the team will rely on the running game during the Showdown, but that he feels like the team will be best if they are able to mix things up.

“We’re obviously going to run it a lot better than we did last year,” Hammerschmidt said. “We hope to get 150-plus.”

Senior quarterback Caleb Hanie is excited about the potential for a return of the running game, saying that it will open up the playbook for the team.

“They better put eight guys in the box because we are going to run the ball on them,” Hanie said.

Bell By the Numbers:

66 – Yards in his last outing against Colorado, a team high

1288 – Yards in his 2005 season, the most in school history by a sophomore

0 – Career touchdowns vs. Colorado

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