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Aug 292007

In the aftermath of events like the Virginia Tech shooting and the recent stabbing at CU Boulder, universities across the nation have to consider efficiency of the security systems they have in place. Now, CSU, alongside CU Boulder, is implementing an emergency alert system that may effectively notify students, faculty and staff of a crisis that happens on campus.

Rave Alert is a text messaging system that will send a message to each cell phone that is registered. In a world made up of new technologies and as part of a generation that communicates more through gadgets than face to face, it seems like this might be at least one logical answer to the university emergency alert problem.

Unfortunately, with some cell phone service providers, the text message will cost money for the person on the receiving end. It might seem like a bogus deal and it may seem like the university will actually be texting those annoying student FYI’s or event promotions for ASCSU, but this is not the case. The administration will only use the alert program in emergency situations.

We all hope the university administration won’t ever have to use it, of course, but it’s refreshing to know that it’s here nonetheless. We encourage each and every one of you to register when Rave Alert is up and running.

After all, a text message that could save a life. Priceless.

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