Aug 292007
Authors: Laura Anderson

ASCSU leaders stressed voter registration, RamRide and student diversity at their second weekly senate meeting Wednesday night.

ASCSU is hoping to get more students to the polls this election year, and will have voter registration forms available at all ASCSU events this year.

“Our goal is to have 1,500 people register to vote this semester,” Katie Freudenthal, director of community affairs, said.

Katie Gleeson, ASCSU President, has high hopes for RamRide at CSU.

“I want to see Ram Ride become the best safe ride program in the country,” Gleeson said.

Holli Kinkel, director of RamRide, requested volunteers for this weekend, to drive after the Rocky Mountain Showdown, the year’s biggest football game against long-time rival CU-Boulder.

“We really need some help this weekend or this town is going to have some problems,” Kinkel said.

ASCSU is looking to expand diversity at CSU through the Diversity Advocacy Council.

“We want students to get a perspective outside of campus,” Gleeson said.

Gleeson has many goals for the 37th ASCSU senate session.

“We really want to be a transparent organization,” Gleeson said. “We want to improve college councils. We want to be strong in legislation down in Denver.”

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Cans around the oval:

“We have to kick butt this year; we owe it to the students, CSU and those junior high students.”

– Zane Guilfoyle, director of student services

University Connections:

“I’d really like to get more students involved (in university connections) so we can get a better voice in the community.”

– Katie Freudenthal – Director of Community Affairs

CSUColorado – web-based, online education so students can get an education even if they can’t get to Fort Collins. Targeted to non-traditional students

Lectures on sustainable living (one on climate change this past week)

“I’m excited that we’re addressing environmental issues.”

– Zane Guilfoyle, Director of student services

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